Daily routine

Everyday in the morning, I rush my children to wake up and go to school. It’s the most hurried time in a day.
Sáng nào cũng vậy, tôi giục lũ trẻ dậy để đi học. Đây là khoảng thời gian vội vã nhất trong ngày.

Getting ready for school

Bố Thịnh (BT): Quick Pony (PN), we are late.
PN: Should I wear shoes or sandals?
BT: It’s up to you.
PN: Then I will wear shoes.
BT: Pony, you put your shoes on the wrong feet, switch them.
PN: Ok, you have to wait for me.
BT: Do you need my help to tie your shoes?
PN: No, I can do that. That lace is too long. I’m finished.
BT: Then let’s go.

BT: Nhanh Pony, chúng ta muộn rồi.
PN: Con nên đi giày hay dép ạ?
BT: tùy con.
PN: Thế thì con sẽ đi giày.
BT: PN, con đi giày trái rồi, chuyển lại.
PN: Vâng, bố phải đợi con đấy.
BT: Con cần bố giúp buộc giầy ko?
PN: Ko, con tự làm được. Dây giày dài quá. Con xong rồi.
BT: vậy đi thôi

Daily routine vocabulary

Wake up, get up
Make the bed, fold the blanket
Go to the toilet, pee, brush your teeth, wash your face, swish your mouth with salt water (check more book Richard Scarry)
Have your breakfast, we are late for school. You have to be quick
Get dressed. Change your clothes.
Put on your T-shirt, shoes, pants, jumper, jacket, socks, hat, gloves, sandals, scarf, long sleeve T-shirt, school bag.
Song Super Simple song
Topic about clothes I
want to bring this toy to school.

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